Engine Removal

Posted by on May 30, 2011

Today I removed the engine from the car. It took a lot longer than I anticipated, partially due to my inexperience, partially due to it being a long time since the car was last worked on, and partially due to the extractor, which caused serious problems when I was trying to lower the engine out of the car. If I had known better I would have removed it before unbolting the engine from the transmission, but I didn’t realize that I needed to at the time. When I did try to remove it I couldn’t get the bolts loose, so it might not have worked anyway. The other major problem was that the bolts that hold the engine to the transmission were stuck and I had to hit my wrench with a hammer to get them loose. One of the bolts is accessed from inside the engine bay, and in order to reach it with a hammer I had to remove the fan shroud, alternator, and carburetor first.


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