Engine Parts Arrive

Posted by on May 22, 2011

My new engine parts are finally here! I ordered these parts through Central Texas Autowerks, where I got a great deal. I ordered AA brand 94mm cylinders and pistons. I ordered a 74mm crankshaft from CB Performance along with a crankcase breather and a new camshaft gear. I also ordered Los Bandito cylinder heads from CB Performance. These cylinder heads are bored for 94mm cylinders and have been ported with 40mm intake valves and 35.5mm exhaust valves. They are real Mexican VW cylinder heads (produced for the aircooled beetles that were produced in Mexico until 2003) and they use 14mm long reach (3/4″) spark plugs. This means I can use two of the spark plugs I already have, I just need to get two more of them. My new cam lifters, cam bearings, and rod bearings are from Mahle. My new camshaft is an Engle 120 camshaft from EMPI. I also got the rest of the parts from EMPI, including a new heavy duty oil pump with a full flow oil pump cover and a remote oil filter mounting bracket. Other parts include a set of rebuilt connecting rods, new push rod tubes, a piston spring compressor, a set of cam lifter clips, a new clutch disc, a clutch disc alignment tool, a flywheel lock, and a rolling engine stand.


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