First Tune Up

Posted by on March 26, 2011

Today I went out to tune up the bug. After replacing the points, condenser, rotor, distributor cap, and spark plug wires I found that I could no longer turn the engine past bottom dead center (BDC). Turning it over by hand results in a hard stop right before BDC. I removed the valve covers but didn’t see anything wrong there. I did, however, find out why one side of my engine leaks oil like a sieve! The valve cover gasket was warped. I also discovered that one of the cylinder heads has been replaced in the past with an aftermarket head, but not the other. The newer one uses 18mm long reach spark plugs and the stock one uses 12mm short reach spark plugs!

I couldn’t find the problem with the engine freezing up though, so I’m going to have to take out the engine and pull it apart. I figure that if I need to do that I might as well do an engine rebuild at the same time, and if I’m going to rebuild the engine anyway, I might as well beef it up while I’m at it! I’m going to order a stroker crankshaft (74mm) and big bore 94mm cylinders and pistons, which will give me a 2054cc engine. This should boost my engine performance quite a bit. I should be going from 50hp to somewhere in the 100hp – 150hp range. I need to eventually replace my carb as well, but I don’t plan to do that yet, which is part of the reason I’m only going to order a 74mm crankshaft. Plus, the 74mm won’t require me to clearance the case. The 94mm cylinders will require me to send the case to be machined, but I am planning to buy new cylinder heads that have already been bored to 94mm. Looks like I won’t be driving it for a while.


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