Accelerator Cable Repair

Posted by on February 20, 2011

I tried to replace my accelerator cable with the one I got from Central Texas Autowerks but I realized that I would need to jack up the car and put it on jack stands to do so.  With the help of my neighbors we were able to push the bug up the driveway and into the garage.  (This was an amazing feat, because my driveway has an angle of about 45 degrees!)  Once it was in the garage I went out and bought a floor jack and a pair of jack stands.

First I unhooked the accelerator cable from the carb in the engine compartment.  Then I pulled the cable out from the hole near the accelerator pedal.  The second picture below shows what the broken hook looked like on the old cable!  I then inserted the new cable in the same hole, greasing it as I went.  Unfortunately, it stopped without going all the way to the engine compartment.  It was at this point that I jacked up the car and placed it on jack stands.  I crawled underneath and found that there was a problem with the cable tube that the accelerator cable runs through from the point it exits the pan near the transmission to the engine compartment seal.  The tube was bent and had been taped back together at some point.  I was able to use a pair of pliers to move the cable through the tube while I held it in the proper position, but then the cable stopped at the engine compartment seal.  After much examination, I found that there was no way for the cable to reach the engine compartment.  This was perplexing, since the old cable obviously did.  There is a metal tube that goes through the fan shroud in the engine compartment through which the cable normally passes.  My best guess is that this tube is supposed to run underneath the engine compartment seal so that the accelerator cable can reach the engine compartment.  However, the tube in my engine ends at the edge of the engine compartment, and I would need to remove the engine to fix it.  It appears that the previous cable ran between the engine compartment seal and the bare metal underneath it, which seems like a problem waiting to happen.  I was able to poke a small hole in the seal for the cable to pass through, which allowed me to finish the cable installation.

While I was under the car, I also discovered why my heat doesn’t work.  The heater boxes have control levers on them, and these levers are supposed to connect via a wire to the control knobs inside the car.  However, the wires have been cut and are no longer attached to the control levers!  I’ll need to fix that before next winter if I want heat in the car.


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