Parts Liquidation Sale

Posted by on February 19, 2011

Today I went out to Central Texas Autowerks for a parts liquidation sale and swap meet.  I had a great time hanging out with all the guys and gals at the swap meet.  Steve (who owns Central Texas Autowerks) made burgers and hot dogs, and there was beer as well.  (Although I don’t eat meat or drink beer, haha!)  One of the Dallas Air Coolers brought down four fenders and a hood from a 1974 Super Beetle for me.  The bumpers changed in 1974, so the bumper holes in the rear fenders are slightly different, but otherwise the fenders and hood should be drop-in replacements for the ones that are currently on the car.  The fenders also included headlight buckets, front turn signals, and rear taillight assemblies.  I’m especially excited about the rear taillight assemblies because it’s impossible to get aftermarket replacements for the 1973 taillight lenses.  The 1973 model year was the first to include the larger “elephant feet” taillights.  I’m not sure how they changed in 1974, but although it’s easy to find taillight lenses for 1974+ taillights, they don’t seem to make 1973 taillight lenses.  I also picked up a brand new pair of running boards with chrome trim that I will install on the bug after I replace the fenders.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think about how I was going to get the fenders and hood home in my Saturn when I made the deal!  We put our heads together and made it work though.  I also bought a new accelerator cable and new front turn signal lenses from Steve while I was there.  All-in-all I got some great deals and had a great time to boot!


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