Carburetor Woes

Posted by on February 6, 2011

Ever since I got the bug, it has had a hard time idling unless the temperature is above 65 degrees or so.  I hooked up my tachometer to the engine while it was idling nicely and discovered that it idles at 1600RPM instead of a normal 800RPM or so.  This means that the idle adjustment is set way too high, probably in order to keep it from dying.  All of this led me to believe that something must be wrong with the carb.  I originally thought the problem might be with the electric choke, so I picked up a new choke element from a local Air Cooler along with a new low profile air filter element.  However, when I took off the air filter and opened the butterfly valves I could see sunlight coming in between the barrel and the body of the carb!  This is being caused by a faulty gasket that is sticking out into the barrel of the carb.  This massive loss of vacuum is almost certainly the root of my carburetor woes.  However, before I noticed this I tried to clean out the carb by placing my hand over the butterfly valves with the engine running.  This causes any bits of built up residue to get sucked into the engine and burned up.  Unfortunately, this also made my gasket problems worse!  Now the engine won’t run at all until I replace the gasket.  On top of that, I managed to break the hook on the pedal end of the accelerator cable!  For now the bug isn’t going anywhere until I can order a new accelerator cable and a new carburetor gasket.


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